Adonelle Galea
Alexandra Bult
Anabel Abela
Anabel is a young ambitious, college student who is determined to make her dreams come true. As a young girl, she was always interested in fashion and modeling but was too shy to stand in the light. Now that she has grown into an independent and mature teen, she aspires to make use of her talents and hobbies of fashion, modeling and photography. When she is given an opportunity, she makes sure to take it with courage and serious determination. In her spare time, Anabel loves horse-riding.
Benerica Lia
Chaimaa Elkoraichi
Cornelia Angelica
Danica Debono
Daniela Camilleri
Daniela Shima
Daniela Shima is 20 years old and this is her first time competing in the modeling industry. She has decided to take part in Top Model Malta to make the most of the experience. Life for Daniela is a journey and she embraces it and it helps her to find and be the best version of herself. She is a highly driven and motivated young woman. Her passion for fashion is very important to her and always does her best to bring out the very best in her.
Elisa Calleja
Giorgina Ben Sol
Giorgina is very excited about this new opportunity with Top Model Malta since she always wanted to explore her full potential in this area. She is currently a student following courses in hair and beauty. She feels that she was born to do hair and so a career in hairdressing is something she wishes to pursue. She is very passionate about everything related to sport, especially basketball. Friendship is extremely important to her and always does her best to spend time with her Family & Friends.
Greta Debattista
Greta has started to involve herself in the fashion industry during these several months, as I got chosen to be part of Top Model Malta 2019. Although she is still a 16 years old student, she is taking this experience very seriously. At the present time, she is working on her attitude not just towards modeling but even towards life itself, as she strongly believes that attitude is the key to success. She is overwhelmed by this journey as it will will allow her to grow as a model.
Jasmine Bugre
Jasmine comes from a mixed background with a Maltese and Ghanaian heritage that has sparked her passion for travel and culture. She is a risk taker, daring and strives to adapt to any given situation. She is very confident that she has a lot to offer the fashion industry through her work, which has included promotional modeling, runway shows and photoshoots with designer brands such as Guess. She is a strong believer of professionalism, dedication and a little extra fierceness.
Jasmine Camilleri
Jessica Gherxi
Jully Khamula
Kaya Calleja
Kimberly Pelham
As a fresh face to the modeling industry, Kim has found it to be quite exciting and that it brings out great qualities in her. She is thankful for this opportunity that has given her the possibility to work on her self-confidence and physical image. In 2019 she has set goals to accept all great opportunities that come her way with a positive approach and to work on bettering herself in all aspects of life. As a person, she is always ready to accept new challenges and is always willing learn.
Kirsty Caruana
Maxanabel Muscat
Maxine Formosa
Miriana Spiteri
Mixa Gambin
Shanise Cassar
Shanise is 17 years old and she is in her second year studying in achieving a diploma in beauty therapy, which she is working very hard to achieve. She is a very outgoing and caring person. She has decided to take part in Top Model Malta because it is an opportunity that has come her way and she always believed, by trying you will succeed! The journey has been amazing, meeting new people and learning new things, also it gives me motivation in life.
Shylen Camilleri
Suzie Pace
Tanisha Camilleri
Tiffany Camilleri
Valeria Sultana
Veronika Selimovic
Veronika is a 25 years old girl from Croatia, who settled down in Malta 2 years ago. She is a hardworking girl who enjoys every moment of her life and is thankful for opportunities that are given her. She loves photography and taking photos of the environments around her. She writes songs as part of her hobby when she needs time to relax and unwind. Music and dance have always been a big part of her life as it allows her to be creative. In the past, she has done some modeling.
Yanica Delia
Ylenia Bugeja
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