Chris Frendo
At a young age, Chris always had a passion for wearing clothes with a different style to everyone else. He works as a full-time hairdresser and his dream has always been to become a fashion hairstylist and also to own his very own section of clothesline. At the moment he's already importing 'SikSilk' clothing on a part-time basis. He is not one to talk much though he lets his actions speak for themselves. In his free time, Chris enjoys going to the gym and boxing.
David Debattista
Ever since David could remember, as a child living in Rabat, he has constantly been fascinated with what he saw around him, how people live their daily lives. He is a person who loves to understand how the world works and therefore in love with the sciences of Mathematics and Physics. Art is also one of his many passions. What he wears is also of vital importance for him, as he believes what a person wears is a reflection of what he or she has the potential to become.
Cliven Bonnici
Cliven is 25 years old. He focuses his time mainly around painting, craft-work and his biggest passion, antique restoration. After graduating in Business and Commerce, he currently is working in finance and Human Resources. He also took up barbering and is finding it to be a decision that is changing the entire course of my career. Through this profession, he is able to express his creativity and passion for fashion. He believes in working hard to pursue his goals and keeps a positive attitude.
Brandon Cassar
Gianluca Baldacchino
Gianluca is 21 years old and works as an officer at Malta Housing Authority. He's commitment is going to the gym daily and follow a healthy lifestyle, keeping fit and always remain in good shape. This inspires him to be a model for the past 3 years and continuously pursuing it as his future career. Most importantly he has his family's support.
James Caruana Turner
Jayrod Farrugia
Jayrod is 18 years old from Paola. His ambition in life are to build his career in the fashion industry as a model. He takes every opportunity as a new experience and is very serious about becoming a model/photo model, as it is something he truly enjoys doing, making him feel good and confident about himself. Apart from fashion and modeling, he also wants to focus and continue studying.
Gary D'Amato
Gary is 26 years of old and works in the Armed Forces of Malta, as well as a Fitness Trainer. He is a sports enthusiast and seeks it in everything he does. He considers himself to be passionate, humble and a never satisfied kind of guy, which ways keeps him striving for more. From football to bodybuilding to competing in IFBB Men’s Physique. Now he has stepped foot in the modeling industry, a road that he never thought he could ever be in. He always seeks new ways to exceed his own boundaries.
Jeremy Cassar
Jeremy is a 21 years old student, athlete and coach currently in the University of Sports. He is very new to the modeling industry but very commited, open-minded and loves new challenges. He has done a couple of work in the past for Harmont & Blain & Paul & Shark. His hobbies include sports, social media & fashion.
Matthew Scorfna
Matthew is currently attending a BA (Hons) in criminology at the University of Malta. He is also working as a VIP chauffeur with MIA. He considers himself a very energetic and spontaneous person. He is always constantly seeking new things to learn and has a love for adventure. He is also passionate about bodybuilding and about leading a healthy lifestyle. He is all about a clear vision, setting targets and reaching new goals.
Moustafa  Altlas
Ron Bonsfield
Ron is a 19 years old student from Malta currently studying criminology. He strongly believes in justice, equality and freedom. He worksout 2 hours daily because he believes that the image you express reflects a lot about your personality and your story. He would describe himself as being very competitive and dedicated to the objective that is set in front of him. If you believe in yourself hard enough then you can and will achieve anything you set your mind to.
Steven Camilleri
Steven is an 18-year-old lad from Pembroke. He comes from a family of 5 children and his passion is for Football, cars & motorbikes. A very adventurous guy and he always seeks the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping, abseiling, zip lining and racing go-karts. Currently, he is studying Aviation Maintenance as well as doing an internship with Lufthansa Technik Malta. His dream is to become an engineer; designing fast and powerful moving machines.
Sven Lebrun Barbara
Sven is a 16-year-old lad from Kalkara. He is currently still studying on his A levels. Perfectionism is one word that he describes himself, as he is very aware when it comes to taking decisions regarding modeling since its something he has always wanted to do, to have a career in the fashion industry. He is also very determined and he knows exactly what he wants, ready to work hard all the way to end.
Wayne Cassar
Wayne Cassar is 19 years old. He lives in the beautiful town of Zurrieq & currently is working as a clerk at Mater Dei Hospital. He is a very outgoing & ambitious person and for him, living a healthy lifestyle is very important. Twice a week he goes for a jog to relax and distress from all the distractions. He has been modeling for a year & took part in a number of competitions & fashion shows.
For him life is all about taking risks.
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